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SKColour Coated Coils

SK HI RIB offers its users a unique blend of advantages - the strength of steel, the corrosion resistance of metallic coating, the beauty and additional corrosion protection.

This product has a painted finish that is uniform in colour, gloss, texture & thickness, with excellent paint adhesion and surability. Coils can be readily rollformed, bent, pressed, cut, drilled, lock-seamed and stamped without degradation in the quality of the paint.

Contents Specification
Base metal cold rolled, galvanized aluminium, stainless steel and aluminium
Thickness 0.20 to 1.25mm
Width 600 to 1250 mm
Coil Id 508 and 610mm
Coil OD 1650 mm max
Coil Weight 10 mt max
Hardness(HRB) 35-99
UTS(M Pa) 270-700
Paint Systems SKCPrimers; Epoxy, polyester
SKCTop coat : regular modified polyester(RMP), silicon modified polyester(SMP), super durable polyster(SDP), poly vinyldene fluoride(PVDF), polyurethane, acrylics, plastisol, metallics.
SKCBack Coat : Eooxy, polyester.
Colours as per RAL shades /customes requirenments
Guard Film(optional) 40 micron
Cut - to - length 500 mm - 6000mm
Slits 37 mm and above
Standards JIS G 3312, ASTM A 755, EN 10169-1, IS 14246-1995

SKCApplications of Colour Coated Coils

Cladding/siding, Roofing, Sliding shutter, Building accessories, Doors, Partitions, Canopies of gas stations, False ceiling, Prefabricated buildings, Sandwich panels, Bill boards

Washing (washing machine & tumble dryer), Cooking (oven & microwave oven), Cold (Refrigerator,freezer,visi cooler,water cooler), Electric Application (griller,toaster,air conditioner)

Railway carriages, Bus -body building, Lorrycintainers, License plate, Dash boards, Road signs

Containers, Packaging, Aerosol, Clock Dials, Furniture, Light Fixtures, Cooking Utensils, Computer & Peripherals.