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SKColour Profile Sheets

SKCSubtle Square Fluted Steel Cladding
SK Hi Rib 1015 is a subtle square fluted steel cladding.the fluting in a pans provides strength and long spanning capabilities. SK Hi Rib 1015 is available in long lengths,therefore on most jobs you can have one sheet from ridge to gutter without end laps.

SKCSimple, Low-cost fixing
Long,straight lengths of SK Hirib 1015 can be lowered in to place and aligned easily.fixing with hexagon headed screws is simple and fast.

SK Hi Rib 1015 is 1015 mm wide coverage profile with 28.5 mm deep ribs.the end ribs are designed for anti capillary action,to avoid any seepage of water through the lateral overlap.

SKCMaterial Spesifications

SKCHigh Strength Steel Base
SK Hi Rib 1015 is manufactured out of high strength steel .the coated steel is bare galvalume aluminium/zinc alloy-coated steel,pre painted steel

Sheets are supplied custom cut.

SKCLength = 0mm-15mm
SKCWidth = 4mm-4mm


SKCFastening sheets to supports
SK Hi Rib 1015 is pierce-fixed to timber or steel support .this means that fastener screws pass through the sheeting.you can place screws for sk hi rib 1015 through the crests or in the valleys.

To maximize water tightness,always place roof screws through the crests.for walling you may use either crest or valley fixing. Always drive the screws perpendicular to the sheeting ,and in the center of the corrugation or rib.

Don't place fasteners lass than 25mm from the ends of sheets. All the fasteners shall conform to Australian standard AS3566 class 3-4 (Min.) or external application

SKCSide Laps
The edge of SK HI RIB 1015 with the anti capillary groove is always the underlap .it is generally considered good practice to use fasteners along side-lap however ,when cladding is support spacings,side-lap fasterners are not usually needed for strength.

SKCEnd Lapping
End-laps are not usually necessary because. Sk hi rib 1015 is available in long lengths.if u want end - laps seek advice from our office on the sequence of laying and the amount of overlap.

SKCEnd Of Sheets
It is usual to allow roof sheets to overlap in to gutter by about 50m.if the roof pitch is less than 25deg. Or extreme wather is expected,the valleys of sheet should be turned down at lower ends,and turned-up at upper ends by about 80deg

SKCLay Sheets Toward Prevailing Weather
It is much easier & safer t oturn sheets on the ground than up on the roof. Before lifting sheets on the roof ,check that they are the correct way up and the overlapping side is toward the edge of the roof from which installation will start. Place bundles of sheets over or near firm supports, not at mid span of roof member.

To align the first bullnosed sheet use a level on the gutter-end.

SKCSheets-ends on low slopes
When SK HI RIB 1015 IS laid on slopes of 5 degrees or less, cut back the corner of the under-sheet, at the downhill end of the sheet, to block capillary action.

SKCDesign Advantages
SKCSmart appearance with subtle square fluting
SKCSimple,low cost fixing so SK HI RIB1015 is economical to install.
SKCHigh tensile steel means design freedom with longer spans and wider spreads .
SKCUnique anti-capillary side lap which makes it leak proof.
SKCManufactured from high strength Bare galvalume colour coted steel in wide range of colours.

SKCAccessories of Colour Profile Sheets

Plain Ridge Accessories A = 300/400/600 mm
Ø = Roof Angle (Min 110°)
L= 2440 mm max.
Barge Board Accessories A = 200 / 300 mm
L= 2440 mm max.
Corner Flashing ( Wall to Wall ) Accessories A = 30 mm
B = 120 mm
Ø = 120°
L= 2440 mm max.
End Eave Gutter Accessories A = 100 mm
B = 175 mm
C = 325 mm
D = 200 mm
Ø = As per requirement
L= 2440 mm max.
Louver (A) Accessories A = 30 mm
B = 30 mm
C = 180 mm
D = 30 mm
E = 30 mm
Ø = As per requirement
L= 2440 mm max.
Louver (B) Accessories A = 50 mm
B = 250 mm
C = 100 mm
Ø = As per requirement
L= 2440 mm max.
Valley Gutter Accessories A = 150 mm
B = 250 mm
C = 200 mm
Ø = As per requirement
L= 2440 mm max.